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Washington… are you listening!

(The following remarks were made at the Oklahoma City Tea Party on Friday, February 27, 2009 on the State Capitol steps.   More than 300 patriots attended the rally).  

Today, I bring several LARGE tea bags as a symbol of our determination.    Listen Patriots… Do NOT be fooled…Washington is out of control and printing money that will not fix the problem.   

Hear us, Washington, spending money we don’t have… on social programs we don’t need …will not fix the problems… that you have caused.   The weight of your excessive spending is destroying our economy.   

We know that people from both sides of the aisle have spent too much money.   Today, Congress, under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, is using our money… to gamble away our nation’s future …racking up trillions of dollars in debt… and leaving the bill for our children to pay.   Just this year, Congress has borrowed almost $2 trillion dollars we don’t have… and proposing to spend even more.     As Americans we DO CARE about these ‘porky’ little details!!!

I thought we were suppose to get change in Washington…. We just didn’t realize they meant we’d have no change left in our pockets!    Let’s not sit back and hope it all works out.   We must stand up and say with one voice, with one purpose, enough is enough.    We’re mad and we aren’t taking it anymore.    

We must clean up our nation’s leadership.  We must hold them accountable.    

So what can you do?    Support fiscally conservative candidates in 2010.  Help them defeat those who voted for the Porkulus plan, the Mortgage Bailout, the Wall Street Bailout, the Auto Bailout, and  any other bailout.  

We must stop those who are gambling away our children’s heritage by throwing the dice again and again. 

We are determined patriots with our minds and hearts fixed on one purpose… restoring our government to the Republic our Founding Fathers created.  

Join us as we work tirelessly to return our nation to the proven source of our prosperity – free markets and individual liberty. 

Washington, listen to us clearly, our voices are strong in one chorus… enough is enough!   

Cheryl Williams

Vice Chair of the Oklahoma Republican Party

Candidate for Chair of the Oklahoma Republican Party.



Involvement 101

I have been involved for 20 years in the Oklahoma Republican Party because I wanted to be sure our Party remained solidly pro-life and pro-family.    In the late 1980’s, I volunteered on several campaigns making phone calls and knocking doors.    When my choice for governor lost, I asked “what do I do now?”    That is when I learned how to get involved in the Oklahoma Republican Party.

Today you have the opportunity to make a difference in the Oklahoma Republican Party.    County Conventions are being held across the state with delegates to the Oklahoma Republican State convention being  elected.   Some of these delegates have been to more conventions than they can count on their fingers and toes… some will be attending their first convention.   So what should you expect?

First, you should attend your county convention (see for the date/time/location).    If your county has already held their convention, contact your County Chair and ask to be added as a delegate to the State Convention.   Most County Chairs would be thrilled to have you contact them.   

Plan to attend the Oklahoma Republican State Convention on Saturday, April 18th.   If you are a delegate, you will need to register prior to the convention starting.   

The morning of the convention will be filled with elected officials speaking to the attendees.   For the first time in our State’s history, the Oklahoma Speaker of the House and the Oklahoma Senate President Pro Tempore are Republicans!    It is a great opportunity to learn more about your elected officials, but it is also to give time to the Credentials Committee to finish their work.  

As soon as the Credentials Report can be completed, the business of the convention should begin.    Once the Credentials Report is verified and approved by the convention delegates, delegates will review and vote on the Rules of the Convention.    You may feel overwhelmed with some of these technicalities, but they are important to the convention process.

The primary business of the State Convention will be the election of our State Chair.   I am a candidate for State Chair and will write another blogspot about that.     

After the election of the Party Chair, the Vice Chair will be elected (must be opposite gender from the chair).    The leadership team for the 2010 elections will be decided in these 2 votes.   

Finally, the Platform of the Oklahoma Republican Party will be voted on, which began at the Precinct level.  The delegates who serve on the Platform Committee are grassroots activists from across the state.   

I encourage you to get involved in your Republican Party.   You can make a difference through your involvement.    I hope to see you at the State Convention!

Cheryl Williams

Vice Chair – Oklahoma Republican Party

Candidate for Chair – Oklahoma Republican Party


Today, America buried one of our WW II heroes… Mr. Wilbur Mason.   

I met Wilbur, and his wife Flo, many years ago through mulitple efforts for our children’s future.    My first recollection of this wonderful couple was during the battle to keep HB 1017 from becoming law.  As we worked together in many efforts, I learned that Flo and Wilbur were unseperable… he was always there to assist his wife in and out of the meeting places so that they could attend conventions, meetings, gatherings, and sociable events.    His love for his wife was evident in all he did, how he spoke to (and about) her, and the gentle way he escorted her with charm.  

What made Wilbur such a special man was not based on appearance, wealth or fame.    Wilbur Mason was a gentleman, through and through, a man who knew how to show kindness in his words and deeds.   

Today, I learned that this quiet, unassuming man, was a national treasure.   During WW II, Wilbur and his unit were on the front lines of many famous battles throughout Europe.    He had been there when Dachau was liberated, and must have witnessed the ultimate savageness of man toward his fellow man.    It was only recently that his Republican friends had learned of this remarkable and probably life changing event in Wilbur’s life.  

He was there when history was made, a radio man who was on duty and received the news that the war had ended.     I can see him now… running to others to share the good news!  

And sharing the Good News is what I will always remember about Wilbur.    He never hesitated to give a word of encouragement, a Biblical nudge, or a smile of kindness to others.   And through all of this he showed what it meant to serve His Lord.   

We will miss this great man.    My life has been made better because I had the privilege of knowing Wilbur Mason.  

Cheryl Williams

Vice Chair

Oklahoma Republican Party

Faith Impacting Politics….

The State Capitol was quiet, reverent, still.    Today, as 2 p.m. approached, Christians began to gather in each of the Legislative chambers to begin today’s Legislative Prayer Session for the Oklahoma Legislature.   

As we entered the basement of the Capitol, gentlemen with Prayer Force One gently offered directions to the elevators and then into the legislative halls.   It was certainly a solemn occasion.  At the entrance of each chamber, individuals signed in, received a layout of where each elected official’s desk was located, and cards to use in writing a note of encouragement.    A suggested prayer guide was provided so we could remember specific prayer needs.

The large chambers had an air of respect and reverence.   Christians quietly went from desk to desk, praying for their legislators.    Some knelt in prayer, others simply touched the chair or the desk as they prayed.  Some even stood silently at each row to pray specifically for each State Representative or State Senator.    Children played quietly, families held hands as they bowed in solemn prayer, several whispered hymns of praise from each corner of the room.   Bibles were opened and prayers of supplication and encouragement were softly spoken.     We were all there for one reason – to intercede and pray for our elected officials.

Many of those praying wrote notes of encouragement for specific legislators and left them on their desk.   Some left business cards, others laid poems of encouragement on the desks.    Throughout the rooms, each one offered prayers, asking our Lord for His blessings, protection, wisdom, and strength to each legislator during the days and months of the 2009 session.   

Tomorrow, the Oklahoma State legislature begins the tasks of hearing bills, debating legislation, and making decisions that affect the lives of their constituents.    Even though Republicans will lead both the State House and the State Senate for the first time in our state’s history, it was Christians who gathered to ask God to guide them through the decisions all of them will make.    

Our prayer is the same today, tomorrow and next week…. may each member of the Legislature  turn to God for their wisdom.   Let’s not just pray for them today, but every day.  

What a privilege it is to live in a nation where Christians can openly pray for their elected officials!

Cheryl Williams

Vice Chair, Oklahoma Republican Party

Economics 101

It’s only been a little more than a week since President Bush left the White House in grace and honor.   But since his quiet departure, the Pelosi-led Congress has passed an $800+ BILLION pork laden ‘stimulus package’ – one of the largest spending bills in the history of our nation.    This is in addition to $700 BILLION  (TARC) rescue package for the ailing banks and $10.6 TRILLION in national debt.    Over two-thirds of the ‘stimulus package’ is NEW spending with this bill being described as “… unrestricted, uncontrolled spending… a 40-year wish list…” (Charles Krauthammer, Fox News)

If you don’t understand the basic economic principles of the 2 major political parties in America, just look at this legislation.    Democrats believe they can spend YOUR tax dollars better than you can!    The current downward spiral in the national economy didn’t start yesterday.   This ‘stimulus package’ doesn’t address the real problems.   Printing money and adding to our already over bloated deficit isn’t going to do the trick.

The Pelosi/Reid crowd now are pulling out the credit card, racking up a tremendous debt on Americans (and our next generations), and then spending almost all of the money on their pet projects.   It is a stick-it-to-you deal bloated with funding for the most liberal and outlandish projects that liberal democrats have tried to push on us over the past 40 years.    The list ranges from  funding abortions across the world to buying thousands of ‘green cars’ for the government.    Are these “pressing needs” or political payback????

Now comes word from “O” that it will take years to overcome this economic problem and they are going to spend like there’s no tomorrow!    In other words, Americans must lower their expectations for the government to do the right thing and still pay the price tag for Obama/Pelosi/Reid and their gang.   A new poll came out today and the public now believes that the government is the problem.    I’m so glad those who elected this gaggle of ultra-liberal democrats to lead our nation are finally waking up!   

When I was in college, one of my favorite classes was Economics.   It was here that I first became aware of monetary policy and one of my core beliefs – if you earn the money, you should get to decide where to spend it.     Most conservative Republicans believe that the worker and their family can better decide what they need, not the government.   So what can we do?   

  • Make sure your U.S. Senator knows you want them to defeat the ‘stimulus package’. 
  • Call the  White House to explain to the new tenant that America can’t afford his kind of spending sprees.   Comments: 202-456-1111; Switchboard: 202-456-1414
  • Recognize that if America is to survive this economic mess, it will take individuals making wise choices with their hard-earned dollars.   Perseverence and persistence can make a difference.

And finally, let’s pray that God will protect our nation through this difficult time.    Only with God’s hand and protection will we survive! 

Cheryl Williams, Vice Chair

Oklahoma Republican Party

The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’   
Ronald Reagan, 40th President (1911 – 2004)