Faith Impacting Politics….

The State Capitol was quiet, reverent, still.    Today, as 2 p.m. approached, Christians began to gather in each of the Legislative chambers to begin today’s Legislative Prayer Session for the Oklahoma Legislature.   

As we entered the basement of the Capitol, gentlemen with Prayer Force One gently offered directions to the elevators and then into the legislative halls.   It was certainly a solemn occasion.  At the entrance of each chamber, individuals signed in, received a layout of where each elected official’s desk was located, and cards to use in writing a note of encouragement.    A suggested prayer guide was provided so we could remember specific prayer needs.

The large chambers had an air of respect and reverence.   Christians quietly went from desk to desk, praying for their legislators.    Some knelt in prayer, others simply touched the chair or the desk as they prayed.  Some even stood silently at each row to pray specifically for each State Representative or State Senator.    Children played quietly, families held hands as they bowed in solemn prayer, several whispered hymns of praise from each corner of the room.   Bibles were opened and prayers of supplication and encouragement were softly spoken.     We were all there for one reason – to intercede and pray for our elected officials.

Many of those praying wrote notes of encouragement for specific legislators and left them on their desk.   Some left business cards, others laid poems of encouragement on the desks.    Throughout the rooms, each one offered prayers, asking our Lord for His blessings, protection, wisdom, and strength to each legislator during the days and months of the 2009 session.   

Tomorrow, the Oklahoma State legislature begins the tasks of hearing bills, debating legislation, and making decisions that affect the lives of their constituents.    Even though Republicans will lead both the State House and the State Senate for the first time in our state’s history, it was Christians who gathered to ask God to guide them through the decisions all of them will make.    

Our prayer is the same today, tomorrow and next week…. may each member of the Legislature  turn to God for their wisdom.   Let’s not just pray for them today, but every day.  

What a privilege it is to live in a nation where Christians can openly pray for their elected officials!

Cheryl Williams

Vice Chair, Oklahoma Republican Party


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