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Economics 101

It’s only been a little more than a week since President Bush left the White House in grace and honor.   But since his quiet departure, the Pelosi-led Congress has passed an $800+ BILLION pork laden ‘stimulus package’ – one of the largest spending bills in the history of our nation.    This is in addition to $700 BILLION  (TARC) rescue package for the ailing banks and $10.6 TRILLION in national debt.    Over two-thirds of the ‘stimulus package’ is NEW spending with this bill being described as “… unrestricted, uncontrolled spending… a 40-year wish list…” (Charles Krauthammer, Fox News)

If you don’t understand the basic economic principles of the 2 major political parties in America, just look at this legislation.    Democrats believe they can spend YOUR tax dollars better than you can!    The current downward spiral in the national economy didn’t start yesterday.   This ‘stimulus package’ doesn’t address the real problems.   Printing money and adding to our already over bloated deficit isn’t going to do the trick.

The Pelosi/Reid crowd now are pulling out the credit card, racking up a tremendous debt on Americans (and our next generations), and then spending almost all of the money on their pet projects.   It is a stick-it-to-you deal bloated with funding for the most liberal and outlandish projects that liberal democrats have tried to push on us over the past 40 years.    The list ranges from  funding abortions across the world to buying thousands of ‘green cars’ for the government.    Are these “pressing needs” or political payback????

Now comes word from “O” that it will take years to overcome this economic problem and they are going to spend like there’s no tomorrow!    In other words, Americans must lower their expectations for the government to do the right thing and still pay the price tag for Obama/Pelosi/Reid and their gang.   A new poll came out today and the public now believes that the government is the problem.    I’m so glad those who elected this gaggle of ultra-liberal democrats to lead our nation are finally waking up!   

When I was in college, one of my favorite classes was Economics.   It was here that I first became aware of monetary policy and one of my core beliefs – if you earn the money, you should get to decide where to spend it.     Most conservative Republicans believe that the worker and their family can better decide what they need, not the government.   So what can we do?   

  • Make sure your U.S. Senator knows you want them to defeat the ‘stimulus package’. 
  • Call the  White House to explain to the new tenant that America can’t afford his kind of spending sprees.   Comments: 202-456-1111; Switchboard: 202-456-1414
  • Recognize that if America is to survive this economic mess, it will take individuals making wise choices with their hard-earned dollars.   Perseverence and persistence can make a difference.

And finally, let’s pray that God will protect our nation through this difficult time.    Only with God’s hand and protection will we survive! 

Cheryl Williams, Vice Chair

Oklahoma Republican Party

The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’   
Ronald Reagan, 40th President (1911 – 2004)

Oklahoma GOP needs new leadership

Cheryl Williams, long-time Republican activist, and current vice chair of the Oklahoma Republican Party, announced today that she will seek to become chair of the Party when they meet this spring.   


She states that ‘with the 2010 elections quickly approaching, the Republican Party must begin now.   It will take a team that is energized and organized to elect Republicans to the office of Governor, Lt, Governor, Attorney General, Insurance Commissioner, Labor Commissioner, Treasurer, and State School Superintendent”   She also stated that “we must re-elect Dana Murphy to the Corporation Commission as well as work with the State House and Senate leadership to retain the majority in both chambers of the legislature”.   


Williams has been the “highest elected volunteer” for the Oklahoma Republican Party since her election as Vice Chair in April 2007.   During the 2008 election cycle, she traveled extensively across the state working to energize the Republican base while increasing voter registration and working side-by-side with candidates and volunteers.   One of her passions has been to educate citizens on the principles and beliefs of the Republican party and encouraging involvement in the political process.   


She served as Oklahoma County Republican Chair during the 2000 elections and has served in various leadership positions within the party, including State Treasurer and Secretary to the State Committee.   She is a member of the Frontier Country Republican Women and has served on the Board of the Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women for more than 10 years.   Currently she is Literacy Chair for the OFRW and two unit clubs have won National Literacy Awards from the NFRW during her tenure.  


She states that “if your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader”.  Her platform includes increased communication through innovation, technology, new media, and proven marketing techniques.  “If we are to reach younger voters, we will need to improve how we communicate our message of pro-family, limited government, and constitutional freedoms”.  She has been a speaker at national training seminars and is well known for her ability to motivate and build a team of volunteers.  “I have always believed there is a place for every Republican who wants to be involved in campaigns and our party.”  


Cheryl and her husband, John, have been married more than 30 years and live in Edmond, Oklahoma.  They have two sons, 1 grandson and 2 granddaughters.    She is a 3rd generation Oklahoman with family throughout the state.    If you have questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact Cheryl Williams at 405-818-8481 or  


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

eagle11It’s the last weekend until the inauguration of a new President. For conservatives, it feels like we are awaiting the funeral of a long lost relative. While the liberals, leftist media and unwitting citizens celebrate this impending event, there is a large segment of the population that do not see this as a dream fulfilled, but a nightmare in the making. I mean no disrespect for the incoming President, but I have a nagging question – what will happen to this great nation under his leadership?

As a conservative Christian, I am going to watch what he does, not just listen to what he says. It’s that old adage “stop, look and listen”… you know, what we taught our children to do before crossing the street, driving over the railroad tracks, etc. It is being aware of the possibility of danger or distress. Of course, there is the other saying… Actions Speak Louder Than Words!

First, conservative Republicans need to “stop” following the crowd as they mull along like lemmings to the sea. We need to “stop” thinking there is something wrong with being a conservative! It’s also time to stop saying ‘what if’ and recognize that life is moving forward (with or without us).

Next, we need to “look” at where we are going. The Republican Party must strongly define the purpose of our party, which will provide the direction we need to go. President Reagan believed in the true conservative principles that made our nation great. Then he showed us those principles as he led our nation. These conservative principles are based on faith, family and freedom.

We need to “listen” to what is actually being said by the next President and his appointees. Someone can make pretty speeches and never say anything of relevance. And sometimes they don’t tell you the whole truth, parsing their words to hide their intent. That’s why actions do speak louder than words.

I hope you will join me as we ‘stop, look and listen’ during the weeks and months ahead.

Cheryl Williams
Vice Chair
Oklahoma Republican Party