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Washington… are you listening!

(The following remarks were made at the Oklahoma City Tea Party on Friday, February 27, 2009 on the State Capitol steps.   More than 300 patriots attended the rally).  

Today, I bring several LARGE tea bags as a symbol of our determination.    Listen Patriots… Do NOT be fooled…Washington is out of control and printing money that will not fix the problem.   

Hear us, Washington, spending money we don’t have… on social programs we don’t need …will not fix the problems… that you have caused.   The weight of your excessive spending is destroying our economy.   

We know that people from both sides of the aisle have spent too much money.   Today, Congress, under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, is using our money… to gamble away our nation’s future …racking up trillions of dollars in debt… and leaving the bill for our children to pay.   Just this year, Congress has borrowed almost $2 trillion dollars we don’t have… and proposing to spend even more.     As Americans we DO CARE about these ‘porky’ little details!!!

I thought we were suppose to get change in Washington…. We just didn’t realize they meant we’d have no change left in our pockets!    Let’s not sit back and hope it all works out.   We must stand up and say with one voice, with one purpose, enough is enough.    We’re mad and we aren’t taking it anymore.    

We must clean up our nation’s leadership.  We must hold them accountable.    

So what can you do?    Support fiscally conservative candidates in 2010.  Help them defeat those who voted for the Porkulus plan, the Mortgage Bailout, the Wall Street Bailout, the Auto Bailout, and  any other bailout.  

We must stop those who are gambling away our children’s heritage by throwing the dice again and again. 

We are determined patriots with our minds and hearts fixed on one purpose… restoring our government to the Republic our Founding Fathers created.  

Join us as we work tirelessly to return our nation to the proven source of our prosperity – free markets and individual liberty. 

Washington, listen to us clearly, our voices are strong in one chorus… enough is enough!   

Cheryl Williams

Vice Chair of the Oklahoma Republican Party

Candidate for Chair of the Oklahoma Republican Party.