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Guiding Principles!

In a few days, the Oklahoma Republican Party will decide whether to continue the same old practices that have divided our party… or if we will elect a team ready to unify our party and prepare for the 2010 elections.

Cheryl Williams and Don Smitherman are running for Chair and Vice Chair of the Party.   They believe it is vital  the Party has a Chair and Vice Chair who are fully committed to serving their full term, and focused on helping all Republican candidates. 

In 2006, the current Chair quit to run for State Auditor.  Many believe he will, once again, run for State Auditor in 2010 given the imprisonment of his opponent from the last 2 elections.  Cheryl has publicly stated that she has no aspirations for higher office and her only desire is to serve as Chair so that our party is organized, equipped, and ready to win in 2010.”    

 There is a saying that “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.   For any organization to succeed, you must have solid planning that will be implemented by your leadership team.   Throughout their careers, Cheryl and Don have utilized their planning, time management, and organizational skills to benefit their employers, clients and volunteer organizations.  And as your State Chair and Vice Chair, they will develop and implement a plan so that REPUBLICANS will WIN in 2010.    


If Oklahoma Republicans want a team that is fully committed to unifying our party, rebuilding our efforts, and engaging the voter… at the State Convention on April 18th … vote for Cheryl Williams as Chair and Don Smitherman as Vice Chair of the Oklahoma Republican Party.  


Together… we can WIN in 2010!


Thank you to the Team!

It is amazing what can be accomplished when nobody cares about who gets the credit. (Robert Yates)

This old saying speaks volume about those within the Oklahoma Republican party that always want to take the credit for anything good, but not responsibility for all the rest.   

When Oklahoma became the only RED state in November 2008, it wasn’t the leadership that made it happen!  It was each man, woman, teenager, and child who had helped to knock on doors, register voters, encourage their neighbors to vote for our candidate(s), and give financially to the cause that made it happen.    Oklahoma voters are conservative in their viewpoint (regardless of party affiliation) and they ‘vote for the person’.    Republican activists simply helped them to decide to vote for our candidates.

We must say “thanks” to our US Senator Jim Inhofe for leading our efforts in Oklahoma.   With his campaign airing some of the best political commercials in the nation, voters  recognized the need to support the conservative candidate on the ballot (in almost every campaign).   We also must thank our Republican Congressional members for their campaign efforts which solidified the conservative message.   We are grateful for all of them supporting the Republican message with their campaign materials and commercials.  

There were many others who made November 4th a night to remember.    As Republicans finally gained the majority status in the State Senate … and Republicans elected a significant majority in the State House… we must thank each of those who gave to our candidates with their time, their talent, and the finances.    It was definitely a collaborative effort!

As Vice Chair, I have traveled more than 15,000 miles to every corner of the state since being elected in April 2007.  It was my pleasure to speak at meetings of clubs, counties, activists, etc.   Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your area of our state!    As we raised precious dollars for our candidates, and helped many of them get elected, we all played a part in making history.    It wasn’t what any one person did… it was what WE did as a team!    Thanks for being a part of the Republican team! 

On April 18th, Oklahoma Republicans will decide who will be Chair of the party for the next 2 years.    If I am elected Chair, I hope that I can follow Henry Ford’s example:   “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”   May the Oklahoma Republican party be successful in the work that lays ahead.    If you will be a delegate to the State Convention, I ask for your vote and support to become your next Chair.   Because TOGETHER we can WIN in 2010!

The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual. (Vince Lombardi, football coach for the NFL 1913-1970)

Cheryl Williams

Vice Chair, Oklahoma Republican Party