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Today, America buried one of our WW II heroes… Mr. Wilbur Mason.   

I met Wilbur, and his wife Flo, many years ago through mulitple efforts for our children’s future.    My first recollection of this wonderful couple was during the battle to keep HB 1017 from becoming law.  As we worked together in many efforts, I learned that Flo and Wilbur were unseperable… he was always there to assist his wife in and out of the meeting places so that they could attend conventions, meetings, gatherings, and sociable events.    His love for his wife was evident in all he did, how he spoke to (and about) her, and the gentle way he escorted her with charm.  

What made Wilbur such a special man was not based on appearance, wealth or fame.    Wilbur Mason was a gentleman, through and through, a man who knew how to show kindness in his words and deeds.   

Today, I learned that this quiet, unassuming man, was a national treasure.   During WW II, Wilbur and his unit were on the front lines of many famous battles throughout Europe.    He had been there when Dachau was liberated, and must have witnessed the ultimate savageness of man toward his fellow man.    It was only recently that his Republican friends had learned of this remarkable and probably life changing event in Wilbur’s life.  

He was there when history was made, a radio man who was on duty and received the news that the war had ended.     I can see him now… running to others to share the good news!  

And sharing the Good News is what I will always remember about Wilbur.    He never hesitated to give a word of encouragement, a Biblical nudge, or a smile of kindness to others.   And through all of this he showed what it meant to serve His Lord.   

We will miss this great man.    My life has been made better because I had the privilege of knowing Wilbur Mason.  

Cheryl Williams

Vice Chair

Oklahoma Republican Party